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MARCH 2007

Common Noddies on Michaelmas CayThis update includes images from

  1. AUSTRALIA – from Perth and south to Albany, and Sydney north to Cape Tribulation in N Queensland
  2. NORTHERN INDIA – Delhi, Bharatpur, Chambal and Agra

My Gallery for AUSTRALIA includes some of my 2006 images of birds mammals reptiles and flora seen across the country but probably the highlight of our visit was the sighting in the Dryandra Forest of Western Australia of one of Australia’s most rare and endangered mammals – the NUMBAT – with numbers in the 1970s down to less than 100, and still endangered. We were privileged to find and photograph this beautiful creature in the wild and I therefore make no apologies for including no less than 12 of my images in this recent compilation.

Our recent February visit to NORTHERN INDIA included the famous wetlands of Bharatpur but following the failure of the monsoons in 2006, Bharatpur was devoid of water and sadly hundreds of thousands of wetland birds had deserted the area. However there were some good sightings with good numbers of owls and raptors and this is reflected in the Northern Indian Gallery for Bharatpur, Chambal and Agra.

Once again I have included some landscape images and, of course, the Gallery for Northern India would not be complete without some images of its amazing palaces and forts including those at Fatehpur Sikri, and the Red Fort and Taj Mahal at Agra.

To access the images, just click on the Gallery of interest to the reader or researcher.

April 2006

Caraca FlowerNew additions to this web-site are Galleries for

  2. SOUTH AFRICA – Western Cape and Garden Route
  3. INDIA - Kerala

Whereas this website was originally set up to display my bird images, close encounters with other forms of flora and fauna have meant the enlargement of the site to include some of my more general wildlife images.

Of particular interest - and of major importance and excitement for my wife and I - were the fairly rare sighting and images of a CARACAL (Rooikat) spotted by us between Wilderness and Sedgefield along the Garden Route and a CAPE CLAWLESS OTTER on the coast at the Titsikamma National Park, South Africa in February 2006.

Another “exciting” sighting was the MANED WOOLF of Brazil, which came in to forage for food at the Monastery at Caraca.

The Kerala State in South Western India was a revelation in itself – lush vegetation despite being there in the dry season and superb food! The target birds for us this trip were many but included the Sri Lanka Frogmouth and Malabar Trogon – though poor (under canopy) light and problems with the camera made for sub-standard images!

To access the images, just click on the Gallery of interest to the reader or researcher.

August 2005

BateleurWhilst leaving my original compilation of photographs intact as per my following notes dated August 2004, I have felt that future additions to this site should include one or two general or scenic shots.

We have found that in many cases there has been a paucity of photographs displaying the type of scenery we could expect to encounter on our travels, such as at Antisana in Ecuador, and I have therefore added new Galleries for each of the countries visited, with some general views mixed in with the wildlife shots.

Hopefully this will create Galleries of more general interest for those about to venture into the relevant countries.

NEW Galleries added are for Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Mpumalanga and Kruger regions of South Africa, and Panama.

Panama is an area of outstanding interest for the birder, but so far surprisingly few birders from Europe have ventured into this stable Republic. The Canopy Tower ( in the midst of the Soberania National Park with the Panama Canal below, and the Canopy Lodge ( at higher elevations at El Valle de Anton (both within easy reach of Panama City) are only two of many sites and bases in Panama with some spectacular birding. The Metropolitan Nature Park is itself worthy of a visit and is actually on the edge of Panama City.

To access the photographs, just click on the Gallery of interest to the reader or researcher.

August 2004

Welcome to this initial compilation of some of my bird photographs taken on various continents over recent years. A large number of my mammal reptile and butterfly images are to be added to this site eventually.

The photographs displayed on this site were taken for the personal enjoyment and memories of my wife and I, and to help us with identification away from the field.

Some are of "rare" or "infrequently seen" birds, such as the Ahanta Francolin and the Baird's Trogon.

The quality of the images varies as all have been taken with hand held 300mm or less SLR camera lenses - more often than not in dense jungle or damp rainforest where light is at a premium.

The late Eric Hoskin, who in the 1950s pioneered electronic flash at night at the nest holes of owls with spectacular results, once described a few of my early photographs as "rubbish", but then he was a professional, had the time, used a tripod, and out of thousands of photographs he took, he explained that only one or two would be of sufficient quality for publication!

Colourfull Flying BugMy photographs were never intended to be displayed in this format, but having accessed other internet images to help in identifying birds seen or on our "wish list", I felt others may find my images on this web-site useful in the same way.

They are here displayed in alphabetical order, rather than geographical order, but in some cases, initials of countries have been added to aid us in locating where they were taken.

They include, amongst others: - RSA for The Republic of South Africa, T & T for Trinidad and Tobago, CR for Costa Rica, AZ for Arizona, CA for California and so on.

The selection of photographs (including many more still to be added!) were taken at the following general locations:

ARIZONA Madera Canyon, Sedona State Park, Cave Creek Canyon at Portal
BAHAMAS Great Abaco, Elbow Cay
BELIZE Chan Chich Lodge near Gallon Jug, Ambergris Cay
BORNEO Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Mt Kinabalu NP,
CALIFORNIA Morongo Valley Preserve, Covington Park, Garner Valley, Lake Hemet
COSTA RICA Tiskita Lodge, Hacienda Solimar, Selva Verde, Wilson's Botanical Gardens (Las Cruces Botanical Station), Monte Verde, Rancho Naturalista, Cerro De La Muerte, San Gerado de Dota.
KENYA Tsavo West, Amboseli, Samburu, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogorio, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara
MEXICO Jardin Botanico, Coba, Puerto Aventuras
PANAMA The Canopy Tower, Pipeline Road, Plantation Loop, Soberania National Park
THE GAMBIA (West Africa)
THE REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA Noordhoek, West Coast National Park at Langebaan, Gordons Bay, False Bay, Lamberts Bay, Wilderness, Knysna, The Little Karoo, Cape National Park
THE SEYCHELLES Bird Island, Mahe Island,
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (Asa Wright Lodge) (Blue Waters and Little Tobago)
VENEZUELA Hato el Cedral, Santo Domingo Valley, San Isidro, Lake Mucubaji, La Azulita, Henri Pittier National Park
WEST WALES (UK) Skomer Island

Please feel free to browse, and enlarge from the thumbnails by clicking in the usual way. We hope that you will enjoy the images.

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